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This is my last post.  I will not be coming back next year so I’m not sure if I’m going to be posting any more.  I am going to have an awesome summer!  I’m going on a trip the day after school gets out and then after that I will go to camp.  Then I’m coming back here and spend one back here and then go to the states!!!!  I just got my test back and I got 89%!!!! Thats an A!!!  I have learned so much more French this year and now I barely know the difference between French and Spanish.  I will try to do a couple posts when I g0 back to the states.

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Marie Antoninette


Marie Antoninette was the wife of Lowis 16th.  She didn’t have a very good education compared her husbands.  She was executed by guillotine after her husband was killed by guillotine. Her last words were “sorry sir” because she stepped on a mans foot.  She lived  to be 37 years old.  This a picture of her when she was 13 years old.



     File:Marie Antoinette 1767.jpg

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Moochie a sept ans.  J’aime mon chat Moochie!!!!  Il a orange yeux et blanc chevenx.  Il aime des poissans et la herbe.  J’aime mon chat Moochie!!!Il joueur et joli.  Les vies de Moochie a I’exterieur et viennent seulement a I’interieur pour mangeretvrecevoir les gens a I’animal de compagnie lui.

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 Avior-to have

J’ai hous avons

Tu as vous avez

Il/elle a ils/elles ont

Compter-to count

danser- to dance

Chante-to sing

Arriver-to arrive

Entrer- to enter

Frapper- to knock or hit

Fermer- to close

Etudier-to studie

Enlever-to remove

Laisser-to leave

Effacer-to erase

Garder-to hold or to guard

Dessiner-to draw

Aimer- to love

Destester- to hate

Arreter- to stop

Monter- to climb

Habiter- to live

Manger- to eat

Jouer- to play

Ecouter- to listen

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J’aime dessine et danse


J’aime dessiner et danser. Elles aime dessinent et chanter. Ils j’aime comptent. Nous aimer chantons. Je detester compter. Il arrive et arreter et detester danser et aime chanter. Elle arriver et arreter et detester chanter et aime danser.

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      This is a photo of me in my outfit for the French Fashion Show

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French Fashion Show


This is what I wrote for the French Fashion Show and this is what I wrote: Rorie is wearing a modern dress that is African/french.It is a special occasion dress and Rorie does not know the name of this style of dress. It has a built in corset that’s french and the corset was used to keep ladies backs straight. So thats what they said for the fashion show.

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rememberance day


So I’m going to tell you the history of rememberance day and there might be other stories about this but this is what I found. In world war 1 there was this young soldier and he went to a genral and asked if he could go over the hill by them where the war was happining and the genral asked why and the soldier said I have a frend that went over the hill about an hour ago and he hasn’t come back and I know he must be hert and i want to go and look for him. The genral said he was probaly dead and why would he want to you becauld he might die and the soldier said he would do the same thing for me and at least I know I tried when i die so the genral said yes so he went over the hill and he found his friend and he was hert and as he died in his arms he said I knew you would do the same thing for me so he died and a few days after the genral was looking at the bodies in the hopital and he was looking for the soldier because he had not come back and he saw the soldeir and thre soldier said he found his friend and then he got shot and so he was in the hospital and then the genal said he shoudent have ever let him go and the soldier said he was glad he went and then he died.

The End

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